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Estate developers advocate establishment of National Housing Council

Abuja, July 17, 2017 (NAN) Estate developers on Monday advocated for the establishment of a National Housing Council (NHC), to promote quality and affordable houses in the country.
Mr Ugochukwu Chime, the President, Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, made the call in a goodwill message to the 11th Abuja International Housing show which began on Monday in Abuja.
Chime underscored the need for the government to develop a new town policy that would help to decongest the major cities in the country.
He noted that the nation had many institutions involved in financing housing development with little or no coordination among them.
He also said that it was critical for the country to have defined policy objectives as guidelines for housing development in the country.
According to him, laws are needed to govern the transaction dynamics in housing delivery.
“In 2006 at a conference in Kano, we adopted the National Building Code but as at today, it has not been adopted by various state governments.
“It is a critical component to address the issue of building collapse we have in the country.
“We don’t have the laws; we don’t have foreclosure laws to ensure that people pay for the houses they have taken on mortgage.
“We don’t have regulations and codes as well as additional instruments that will provide more specific guidelines on how to apply the laws.”
He further said that having a regulatory body would help to identify a real estate developer, stressing the need for regulations in finding who a developer is and his skill set.
“We need to have what level of administration capacity a developer must have so as to be recognised,” Chime explained.
Corroborating Chime’s views, a former of Akwa Ibom, Obong Victor Attah, underscored the need to improve the skills of the people in the building industry trades for effective housing delivery.
Attah said that the major problem of housing shortage was rural-urban drift, noting that people move from villages to the city because they had nothing to do in the village.
He said that to minimize the rate of rural-urban drift, there must be provision of basic infrastructure such as electricity, roads and water, among others.
“We have to make sure that before a city gets over congested, there must be provision to create new towns, so that people will have somewhere to live,” Attah said.
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